Meet the Experts

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The primary section currently has 14 highly trained and experienced teaching staff. Motivated by teamwork and excellence, the team has transformed the Institution to what it is today.

Primary Teachers

<b>Mr. Kimaru </b><br />Head Teacher Std 1Mr. Kimaru
Head Teacher Std 1

<b>Ms. Jamila </b><br />Class Teacher Std 2 BlueMs. Jamila
Class Teacher Std 2 Blue

<b>Mr. Njoroge </b><br />Class Teacher Std 2 PurpleMr. Njoroge
Class Teacher Std 2 Purple

<b>Ms. Mulwa </b><br />Class Teacher Std 3Ms. Mulwa
Class Teacher Std 3

<b>Teacher Leah </b><br />Class Teacher Std 4Teacher Leah
Class Teacher Std 4

<b>Ms. Birgen </b><br />Class Teacher Std 5Ms. Birgen
Class Teacher Std 5

<b>Mr. Kiarie </b><br />Class Teacher Std 6Mr. Kiarie
Class Teacher Std 6

<b>Mr. Munyua </b><br />Class Teacher Std 7Mr. Munyua
Class Teacher Std 7

<b>Mrs. Mutiso </b><br />Std 8 Class TeacherMrs. Mutiso
Std 8 Class Teacher

<b>Mr. OumaMr. Ouma

<b>Mr. WanjohiMr. Wanjohi


Kindergarten Teachers

<b>Eunice Wahinya </b><br />NurseryEunice Wahinya

<b>Susan Kimere </b><br />Baby Class GreenSusan Kimere
Baby Class Green

<b>Catherine Ireri </b><br />Pre-Unit PurpleCatherine Ireri
Pre-Unit Purple

<b>Mercy Daniel </b><br />Baby Class ReceptionMercy Daniel
Baby Class Reception

<b>Faith Njiru </b><br />Middle ClassFaith Njiru
Middle Class

<b>Judy Mugua </b><br />Pre-Unit RedJudy Mugua
Pre-Unit Red


Departmental Heads

<b>Mrs. Angela Muriithi </b><br />The ManagerMrs. Angela Muriithi
The Manager

<b>Mrs. Maina </b><br />Head TeacherMrs. Maina
Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher to be updated soon

<b>Ms. Birgen </b><br />The LibrarianMs. Birgen
The Librarian

<b>Mr. Ouma </b><br />Boarding MasterMr. Ouma
Boarding Master

<b>Mr. Kiarie </b><br />Head of Co-curricular ActivitiesMr. Kiarie
Head of Co-curricular Activities

<b>Mr. Njoroge </b><br />Head of Lower PrimaryMr. Njoroge
Head of Lower Primary

<b>Mr. Mutiso </b><br />Head of Mid Upper Primary - 4&6Mr. Mutiso
Head of Mid Upper Primary - 4&6

<b>Teacher Leah</b><br /> Upper Primary TeacherTeacher Leah
Upper Primary Teacher

<b>Mr. Wanjohi & Ms. Birgen </b><br />Guidance and CounsellingMr. Wanjohi & Ms. Birgen
Guidance and Counselling


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